So for the past few weeks I have been posting about Yankee Players and their careers on the team. But for many of you, you may not be familiar with all of the terms that I have been writing about. So I figured today I would post a quick baseball dictionary for those of you who do not understand some baseball terms and a quick refresher on those who do.

Ace- the starting pitcher on a team and usually the first pitcher in the team’s starting rotation

Battery- the term used to described a specific pitcher and catcher combination

Bullpen- the area where the relief players go to warm-up before entering the game

Bunt- when the batter squares-up with the plate and loosely hold the bat out in front of the plate to meet the ball so it doesn’t travel far, intentionally tapping the ball into play

Designated Hitter- the one player that goes in to bat in place of the pitcher

Ground Rule Double- when a player hits a ball and it bounces out of play into the stadium, the hitter is awarded two bases

On Base Percentage- the measure for how often a batter reaches base for any reason besides fielder’s obstruction, fielder’s choice, fielding error, or catcher’s interference.

Pickoff- when a pitcher throws a live ball to a fielder so the field can tag-out a base runner who is either leading-off or about to steal the next base

On-Deck- the next player in line to bat

Curse of the Bambino- refers to the superstition that the Boston Red Sox were unable to win the World Series for 86 years; the supposed curse was broken in 2004

Hitting Streak – refers to the number of consecutive games that a player gets at least one base hit

Checked Swing- happens when a batter begins to swing for the ball, but stops the swing in order to let the ball pass without hitting it

Blocking the Plate- technique usually performed by a catcher to prevent a runner from scoring

Infield Fly Rule- used to prevent infielders from intentionally dropping pop-ups in order to turn double plays.  If a batter hits a fly-ball to the infield, the batter is automatically out regardless of whether a payer catches the ball or not.

Stolen Base- happens when a player advances to another base while the pitcher is throwing the ball